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Create Really
Fast-Loading Websites

Is BeTheme really the fastest WordPress theme ever built? You bet it is. The latest performance update has made BeTheme 3X FASTER. It’s now easier than ever to create websites that score 100 on PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix. And guess what? No caching plugins are needed.

  • 100
  • 100
  • 100
    Best Practices
  • 100

Be is now

3x faster
better optimized
more stable

No Bloat

Betheme is now faster than ever! That's because Betheme loads elements and features you're actually using and builds lightweight pages on the fly. No bloat code any longer.

Older versions

Site built with 26.8.5 version

Version 27.0

Site built with 27 version

Older versions

Site built with 26.8.5 version

Version 27.0

Site built with 27 version

See live demo

* By the way, no tricks were used here. All of the Be examples were built on exactly the same server with the same environment. The only difference between them is the version of BeTheme.

Take full control over
your website performance

Not only have we optimized the code to help you work faster in BeBuilder, but now you can create faster websites with BeTheme thanks to these optimizations. Want more performance upgrades? Take matters into your own hands with these built-in features.

Built-in features

Google fonts
Google fonts

Load fonts from Google, cache locally or just disable if don't need them

Lazy load
Lazy load

Load media only when necessary, all without unnecessary burden

Limit srcset
Limit srcset

Load images that are appropriately sized for the devices they are loaded on

Theme assets
Theme assets

On/Off entrance animations, Font Awesome and HTML5 Video Player

WordPress assets
WordPress assets

Manage assets like Block Library, Dashicons or Emojis as you like

Files location
Files location

Switch between jQuery & CSS locations and build styles in external files or header

CSS & JS Minify
CSS & JS Minify

Minify CSS & JS files separately wheen needed for more lightness

Static CSS
Static CSS

Replace dynamically generated styles with static ones loaded directly from the file

Cache assets
Cache assets

Set expiration dates for assets according to Google PageSpeed Insights guidelines

Give BeTheme and BeBuilder a test run

We heard you loud and clear. Our recent performance update has made Be the best version of itself yet. You, your end users, and Google are going to love the results you get with this lightning-fast WordPress theme.


BeBuilder vs. Elementor: Which page builder creates faster websites?

Page loading speeds matter a good deal to your end users. They can also affect how your pages rank in search engines like Google or Bing.

Want to see how BeBuilder and Elementor compare? We created identical web pages in each builder. Then we put them to the test in PageSpeed Inisights and GTmetrix. Here are the results:

bbPress Betheme
Performance 100% 98%
Accessibility 94% 84%
Best Practices 100% 100%
SEO 100% 82%
Performance 100% 88%
Structure 97% 93%
Largest Contentful Paint 434ms 2.0s
Total Blocking Time 38ms 56ms
Cumulative Layout Shift 0 0.06
  See results See results

Test it yourself:



Wedding Car

Betheme Elementor

Business 7

Betheme Elementor

Furniture Store 2

Betheme Elementor

BeBuilder: Better than ever

Better than ever, faster than any other website builder for WordPress!

  • ~200%

    faster than

  • 20x

    less builder
    data storage

  • 3x

    loading speed
    of the builder

Completely rebuilded

The BeBuilder has been completely rewritten with Vanilla JS. Thanks to this, the code is much lighter and the content created in it, loads in the blink of an eye. No other website builder has ever been so fast and stable.


Load: 0.9s

in the v27.0

Work smarter.
Create better.
Build faster.

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