WPBakery Page Builder Not Working? Try an Alternative
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WPBakery Page Builder Not Working? Try an Alternative

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March 24, 2022
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The WPBakery Page Builder is a classic editor. It allows you to build your website intuitively with the help of WordPress. It comes with useful drag-and-drop features that help you create a site fast, no matter its complexity.

Formerly known as Visual Composer, the WPBakery builder was one of the first of its kind for WordPress. Now, this brand is dedicated to full-fledged website building.

But times change, and so does software. Currently, there are other options out there that provide better solutions. Although WPBakery has lots of functionalities, other plug-ins can help you build your site faster.

Is WPBakery Page Builder not working for you anymore? Check out these alternatives.

WPBakery Page Builder Drawbacks

Firstly, let's talk about style. In comparison with plug-ins like Elementor or BeBuilder, WPBakery has limited style options.

To insert and edit elements, this plug-in uses pop-ups, not a sidebar. This definitely makes the editing process slower and uncomfortable.

The WPBakery builder has a few bugs. You may have trouble when changing from the backend editor to the frontend. Sometimes, it doesn't even load, the loading icon rotating indefinitely. Since this is a key feature, it's clear why users are disappointed when encountering this error.

Builders like Divi, for example, leave behind a bunch of codes when you deactivate them. You'll find the same issue with WPBakery.

Finally, the worst disadvantage of the WPBakery Page Builder is its lack of flexibility. This is especially true when you want to leave the builder.

Let's suppose that you want to give your brand a fresh look. You find a new theme that you love, but it doesn't support WPBakery builder. It may even have compatibility issues. You may also find another builder plug-in with more perks, better prices, etcetera.

The bad news is that when you leave WPBakery, your posts will show lots of “vcrow”. There is no way to fix this but manually, which can be a huge burden. If you have several posts, editing them can take you weeks or even months.

Although this plug-in does bring good building options, it's not the best. The loading issues with the frontend editor are a huge disappointment. Also, the fact that there is no coming back from WPBakery Page Builder is discouraging.

If you are looking for an alternative, take a look at the following list.

Is Your WPBakery Page Builder Not Working? Check Out These Alternatives



If you find your WPBakery Page Builder not working, BeBuilder may be the alternative for you. BeBuilder is not a simple add-on: it's built into the BeTheme package. This brings numerous advantages when it comes to functionality, providing a seamless solution.

Being part of an all-in-one toolkit for WordPress, BeBuilder allows you to create stunning pages. It's fun to use and comes with many functionalities like creating, saving, and restoring sections. You can also create and save blocks.

The plug-in also comes with predesigned cells that can be edited with a live builder. This saves you the trouble of going through endless templates to find the right fit.

For easier editing, you can divide your screen into different parts. Choose the backgrounds, colors, sidebars, and layouts to your own taste.

There are many advantages to BeBuilder, but the main one is its inclusion in an ecosystem. Since it's part of a WordPress package in BeTheme, it makes site building faster and easier than ever. Your BeBuilder license includes 24/7 support, over 650 customizable prebuilt websites, over 100 templates, and more than 80 customizable elements.

It becomes clear why this is such a good alternative to WPBakery Page Builder.



Whether you have no clue about coding or are an experienced programmer, you'll find Elementor useful. While beginners find an intuitive solution to page building, experts are happy to find simplicity in Elementor.

Elementor brings a variety of options. This includes animated headings, cool effects, gradient backgrounds, shape dividers, and more. All these features are right there on the sidebar and are easy to find and add.

With Elementor, you don't need a backend editor to work on your forms. With just one movement you can drag and drop the corresponding widget and edit the fields right there on your screen.

In the pro version, you'll find over 90 widgets that can be placed anywhere on your pages. They all work fine for all types of websites. Use them for business websites, portfolios, or eCommerce, and you won't be disappointed.

It also comes with the possibility to save 'global' elements, which means that any change you make to them is reflected on all parts of your site.

Even though its free version is quite good, the pro plan unlocks further possibilities. At only $49 a year, you access pro features for one site. Professionals can acquire other licenses allowing them to work with multiple websites. For instance, $999 a year gives you access to 1,000 domains.



Being a strong player in the builder editor market, SeedProd comes packed with amazing features.

Customizable prebuilt pages are a big plus as it allows you to save time by working on a previously built model, yet its customization options let you give them a personal touch. Choose from coming soon, maintenance, and webinar pages.

SeedProd makes a great tool for email marketing. Firstly, it's specially built for landing page creation. Secondly, it integrates with marketing platforms like Constant Contact and Mailchimp.

This builder plug-in brings a smart approach to webpage creation. It allows you to store elements so you can reuse them and save time. This includes custom blocks, font combinations, sections, and color schemes.

It also includes all the main features that every page builder should have. You'll find contact forms, countdown timers, social media profiles, and opt-in forms. These can be included in a variety of page types like 404, registration pages, maintenance notices, etc.

Finally, their custom domain mapping is ideal to create subdomains. The Basic plan starts at $39.50 and the Elite plan goes up to $239.60.



Being an easy-to-use block builder, BlueHost balances WordPress's best features with its own.

BlueHost was launched in 2021 and it's mainly a hosting provider. However, its plans include a free WordPress-based page builder. Thus, it provides unique simplicity allowing you to build your website easily. Access out-of-the-box customization possibilities including color, design, and pages.

This plug-in's stronger point is its content capability, but it's not the most flexible option when it comes to layout. All-in-all, BlueHost is still one of users' favorite plug-ins.

Its live visual editor lets you see the changes as you make them, helping you save time. Another great advantage is BlueHost's AI which chooses colors, fonts, and images automatically according to your industry.

BlueHost doesn't offer a free plan, but the paid versions start as low as $2.95 a month.

Thrive Architect


Thrive Architect is another fine plug-in for website building. Similar to Elementor, it comes with multiple advantages.

One example is its breadcrumb selector that appears when you click on a nested element. This allows you to jump between elements and sections easily.

Thrive Architect comes with 40 different widgets and hundreds of templates. Among these widgets are some cool ones, like Countdown timer and Evergreen.

Although it can be used by anyone, Thrive Architect is particularly popular among bloggers and marketers. This is due to its focus on conversion rates.

For only $97 a year, you can access a powerful builder. It includes an option to build event pages and its default design is quite nice out-of-the-box.



If you want to launch your site quickly, Themify is a great option. This point-and-click editor is a powerful tool with minimal backend and frontend interfaces.

It comes with a quick-install demo that you can import in one click. While it may not be perfect, it surely provides you with a fast solution.

Themify comes with a builder to create post types. For example, if you own a restaurant, you can create a post type for reviews so that you can create future entries more easily.

It's worth noting that this is one of the most limited page builder options. However, if you value integration, you may find it interesting. It comes bundled with multiple themes by Themify which can help you give the site a nice aesthetic.

The plug-in itself is free, but if you want to access more possibilities you need to invest a little. You can choose between the add-on and the Builder Pro option. Prices start at $59.

WP Page Builder


On August 1st, 2018, WordPress presented its own page builder plug-in. It comes packed with lots of features and has been prepared by the Themeum team. It's said that this team spent many years in R&D to deliver this product.

Their efforts apparently paid off because the toolbar is very easy to understand. You can manage columns and rows easily and save your elements in a library. Moreover, with the help of add-ons, you can save any row. This flexibility gives you more design options while making the work easier. You can save time by reusing some of your existing material.

For a free plug-in, WP Page Builder comes with many pre-made blocks. Feel free to create a beautiful site using layout packs. The blocks include a variety of content and are neatly designed.

By combining these features, you can prepare your web pages fast and hassle-free.

Beaver Builder


Not everyone is ok with compromising design for fast delivery. The most creative ones want a builder/editor that lets them explore the limits of their imagination.

If you are this kind of person, please be introduced to Beaver Builder. Although it comes in a lightweight version, there's also the possibility to buy a pro plan.

Thus, you access a world of possibilities. From the ability to drag and drop elements to an open API, Beaver Builder lets you do a lot.

The interface is super easy to use. Just drag one of the elements from the sidebar and drop it on the page. You can edit an element's characteristic just by clicking on it.

Both beginners and experts choose Beaver Builder for their WordPress sites. This can only mean that its features and usability are top quality. Its user-friendliness and ease of navigation definitely put it over the top.

Also, enjoy a variety of perks like import/export features, reusable templates, and an onboarding tour. For $99, you can use Beaver Builder for unlimited sites.



Divi can be used as an independent builder plug-in or as a part of the Divi Theme ecosystem.

This premium plug-in combines a simple platform with a variety of options. With over 800 templates and layouts and a drag-and-drop feature, you can see why we call this plug-in “premium”.

Divi comes with an interesting option that is not easy to find. It allows you to preview all your changes live without the need to save and click the 'preview' button. Only plug-ins like Beaver Builder and SeedProd have this feature.

Although it was built as a backbone to the Divi theme, the plug-in works fine with other themes as well. It's easy to use and offers over 40 modules that you can arrange in 3 types of sections and 20 kinds of rows. Each element is fully customizable.

If you like what you read, then get Divi for $70 a year. There's also a lifetime subscription available for the really big fans.

SiteOrigin Page Builder


Last but not least, we present SiteOrigin Page Builder. It's one of the oldest and most popular of its kind having reached 1 million active installations on WordPress.

Besides its core widgets, which are not to be overlooked, SiteOrigin comes with a free widget bundle plug-in. It includes 23 extra widgets. It also includes 25 prebuilt pages, but these are not as sophisticated as the ones you can find in other plug-ins.

SiteOrigin is not as intuitive as the other participants on this list. If you don't know CSS, you may find it limiting and difficult to use. On the other hand, CSS users can enjoy a lot of helpful controls. The big plus is that it is lighter than its counterparts; hence, provides better site performance.

To continue with the comparison, SiteOrigin doesn't include a live previewer. Yet, the feature is not a simple one. There is some level of interaction between the boxes on the left and the preview.

If you can handle your CSS and want a lightweight solution, choose SiteOrigin. It comes with a free version and you can access the bundles beginning at $29.

WPBakery Page Builder Not Working - A Conclusion

We have reviewed different options and each comes with its own advantages. The most important thing is that there are plenty of alternatives to the WPBakery Page Builder.

If you find the bugs or the pop-ups annoying, you can get an option like Elementor, which has a clean sidebar and allows you to drag and drop elements.

Do you have trouble going from the backend editor to the frontend platform? Do you have speed issues? Then go for a lighter option like SiteOrigin.

Do you want a plug-in that you can leave behind, no strings attached? Then choose an option like Divi, which works well with many themes.

Is your WPBakery Page Builder not working? Check out any of the options from this list and you’ll make a great choice. With any of these builders, you can create a functioning and stylish website.

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