Build An Amazing Website Within 4 Hours Using The Most Robust Live Builder (No Coding Required!)

With our fast and intuitive builder and one of our 600+ pre-built websites, it’s a breeze to get a website up and running. It’s time to say buh-bye to paid page builders!
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No More
Creative Blocks!

Get your creative juices flowing with our huge library of 600+ pre-built websites which you get as a part of the BeTheme package when you invest in Live Builder.

Wow Your Clients With Fast Turnaround Time

With our Live Builder, you can build a website within 4 hours, on average. Such a fast turnaround will make clients come back to you with more and more projects.

Zero Coding
Experience Needed!

You don’t need to have any coding experience to build with our Live Builder. This means you can empower your clients to make future edits to the website efficiently and quickly.

Jumpstart Projects Within a Few Minutes Using Our
Lightning Fast WordPress Landing Page Builder

Use your creativity
to come up with your own website designs
simply choose from one of BeTheme's 600+ pre-built templates to get up and
running quickly.
600+ pre-built websites

Created By The Founders
Of One Of The 10 Most Popular
WordPress Themes
In The World

Everything Your Website Needs Is Now Packed In One Visual Builder

Muffin Live Builder includes all the features A → Z you’ll ever need
to build a beautiful and responsive website

  • Real-Time Responsive Customization:

    We know how time-consuming it can be to go back and forth between the backend and frontend editor to see how your changes will look like to the visitors - but with our Live Builder, now you can make the edits and see them in real-time without having to switch tabs.

    What’s more amazing, you can also switch between desktop, tablet, and mobile view with just one click and make necessary changes without any fuss.

  • Perfectly Organized Toolbars:

    We’ve got a perfectly organized toolbar which means you won’t even have to switch tabs to use styles, advanced, or settings - making it much easier for you to work and edit efficiently.

  • Autosave & Revisions:

    Sometimes you forget to hit the ‘save’ button, and all of your progress gets lost - we get it that this can be very frustrating.

    That’s why we have included the most advanced backup system with autosave and revisions features, so your changes get saved automatically, and if you want to revert to any of the old versions, you can easily do it.

  • Easily Import Pre-Built Pages & Sections:

    If you like a particular page or even a section from any of our 650+ WordPress landing pages and website templates, simply copy the URL and paste it in the Import section - and it’ll be imported within seconds. 

    This means you can hand-pick different sections and pages from our huge range of pre-built templates to build your own, unique website. Amazing, isn’t it? 

  • Drag-and-Drop Pre-Built Sections:

    All of our pre-built sections are built keeping simplicity and consistency in mind so you can choose any one using our highly developed filter option, and it’ll blend in with your existing content. Plus, if you need to make any edits, you can easily do that.

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Betheme’s new Muffin Live WordPress Page Builder - say goodbye to PAID WordPress Page Builders

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Simply a joy to work with. Feel like a pro with little or no web design experience needed to use it. Well done guys...

Louise Rooney

Web Developer

The best theme. Easy to use, VERY AWESOME SUPPORT and well-programmed too! If you are in doubt about it just forget any concernings...

Giancarlo Braga

Web Designer

My god, this has to be the best supported theme out here, i mean its like there are almost updates every day. I would give it a 10 star if i could...



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Made For Everyone!

Web Designer

Now you can build websites quickly without learning any coding, whatsoever. And the best part is, you can also get your creative juices flowing with our pre-built templates that you get with the entire package.

Web Developer

You’ve got the coding superpower to support you - so you can use more advanced features in our Live Builder and build responsive websites in an instant.

Business Owners

We know you’re busy - that’s why we have included a perfectly organized toolbar and one-click import of pre-built pages so you can design a website within a few hours without needing any technical experience.

Here’s What Makes Muffin Live Builder Different From Others

One-Click Import

If you like any page from our huge library of 600+ pre-built websites, simply copy and paste the URL in the Import section and it’ll be imported within seconds!


We not only have a super-fast interface that never lags on loading or while you’re editing - but the websites built with it also load fast within seconds.

Intuitive Editing Tool

We have a superbly organized toolbar with settings, styles, and advanced in the same tabs, which makes it super efficient for you to make edits.

No Surprise Charges

None of our pre-built sections or templates are gated, so you never have to pay anything besides the one-time fee of $59.


You get Muffin Live Builder as a part of a larger WordPress package that contains a Muffin Builder 3 (our backend builder) + Muffin Woo Builder + 600+ pre-built websites. And you only have to pay $59 one-time. So this is an absolute steal of a deal!

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Can't believe this new web builder is included for free, seriously love you muffin group team. So far been working in our agency with your backend version and elementor which i have to pay for but not anymore. seems i can switch to your new visual builder only now. It's awesome I really don't know how else to express my satisfaction :D:D:D:D


CEO of Web Agency

Hats off, the new live builder is what I definitely missed in betheme. thank you guys, you are awesome!



I have to say that the new live builder is an absolute masterpiece. So far I used elementor, but switching to your new builder will definitely affect the speed of my work and greater customer satisfaction. Love it!


Web Developer

Waw.. I have update the theme with the new editor and i can told that it's the best! Easy to config, clean and friendly! Congratulation for Muffin Group!


Envato customer

This is by far one of my most favorite themes / website builders on Themeforest. No matter what business or niche you are working in, the 600+ themes definitely got something for you. Also great to work with and sell to clients, since you can chooce from 600+ different themes and always work with the same builder and dashboard constilation. You can become a pro at creating unique websites with that Theme, so it is definitely worth the 5 stars!


Web Designer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Look through the answers to the most popular questions!

1 Is this a monthly or yearly subscription?

No, it isn’t. You just have to pay a one-time fee of $59 to get access to everything.

2What’s included in the entire package?

You get Muffin Live Builder, Muffin Builder 3 (our backend builder), Muffin Woo Builder, and 600+ pre-built websites.

3What’s the best way to get in touch with support?

Simply go here to the Support Center to get in touch with us :)

4What’s the guarantee that you’ll keep updating this builder and it’ll not get outdated?

This builder is developed by BeTheme developers, which is one of the 10 most popular WordPress themes in the world. And it has sold 234.000+ licenses to date. So rest assured, the team is completely dedicated to making this the best visual builder you have ever used.

5I’m ready to buy, where should I go?

That’s awesome! Just click here to make your purchase.

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